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To: All Parents

From: The Board of Larkspur/Salem Recreation Association

Re: Rules Regarding Sportsmanlike Behavior ZERO TOLERANCE

As parents, you are welcomed and encouraged to attend all of your children’s games and practices, if you desire. We promote the support of the children by their parents and believe that it is very important for parents to be involved in their children’s lives and activities as much as possible. In recent seasons, some parents and spectators have exhibited extremely bad behavior. At this time, we would like to make the following very clear: We are taking a “ZERO TOLERANCE” approach to poor behavior displayed by parents or spectators. Coaches and Assistant Coaches will be held to the same by the Coaches Code of Ethics, which is signed by all involved.

1.  Nobody (not a parent, child, spectator, coach or assistant coach) may approach a referee, umpire, gym supervisor, etc. to argue a call or play made. In any sport, there will sometimes be bad calls and as parents you have an obligation to act in a GOOD SPORTSMANLIKE manner, whether you agree with the call or not.
2.  If you do create a scene, you may be asked to leave the game. Depending on the extent of your behavior you may even be banned from coming to future games or your child may not be permitted to play sports for Larkspur/Salem Recreation at all.
3.  You are not to argue, swear, scream or loudly disagree with any other parent or player on your team or opposing teams while on the fields or courts. The children should never witness such displays.
4.  No parent is to say anything to an opposing player unless it is a positive comment. This plain and simple.
Some of the things that have been shouted at children who just want to play sports have been totally inappropriate and again, we WILL NOT ALLOW SUCH ACTIONS.

If anyone is asked to leave a game by the referee, umpire, gym supervisor, or Board Member, they will need to leave immediately. If they do not leave the police will remove the individual(s). We sincerely hope to never have to remove even one parent from their child’s game but it is our obligation to maintain control, safety and a healthy atmosphere for the entire league.

Everybody is here for the same reason to let our children have fun playing sports. Recreation league sports are not designed to be ultra-competitive and we don’t promote that kind of competition. It is an opportunity for children to participate and learn. Many of these children may never make school teams but they want to play and deserve to play in a “hassle-free” environment.

As Larkspur/Salem board members, it is our duty to ensure that we make this a positive experience for your child and every other child as well. Know that the entire LSR board is made up of volunteers who are parents and that we are here to make certain the children in our community have an equal opportunity to play the sports that they may not otherwise have a chance to play.

 If you fully understand the above, you will need to sign off with your coach and you will be held to your obligation. No child will be allowed to play unless a parent has signed that they understand the rules outlined above and will comply fully.

 To the parents who have always complied fully, we appreciate your continued support and the wonderful example you set for all children involved in sports. We hope everyone has a positive season and that your child enjoys the sports he or she has chosen to play.

All parents and coaches acknowledge and agree to the Zero Tolerance Policy when they register.

LSR Zero Tolerance Policy .pdf

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